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This is a little different than the shit I normally put up, but it resonated with me. I think when you see people acting frivolously all the time it's easy to think of them as frivolous people, NPCs maybe. But it's important to connect with the deeper emotions that make us special. Grief is terrible, and it hurts so bad it's easier to just push it away if you can. But like the cliche, there is no light without shadow. Grief has only made me appreciate love more.

Another more visual representation on how to spoof the process of scientific study.

I made a phone app that pulls covid hospitalization, death, and positivity data straight from the CDC. It's nice to pull it up on the fly to show people. It looks like this and this.

Heavy is the weight of knowledge. Thank you @Ian and @RobotTaco for making my dream reality.

White House instructs news agencies to take a partisan stance. News agencies dutifully comply and then tell everyone about it.

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