I subscribed to 1440. I'm not sure I buy their presentation but I figured I should give it a try. Fairly positive so far but it might be a trap. I'm beginning to mistrust anything that's abstracted from my physical senses, and that's a trap in and of itself.

@admin Let me know how it is. best you can do is triangulation and common sense. I’m at a point where I don’t really care if central planners or the emergent structures they built did something or not. I’m more concerned with is it possible for them too even by accident and how expensive to them is it to enforce if they did decide to do something. And leverage private key cryptography to know if a source is itself.

@admin I’m also finding that nostr is pretty good for content that his high signal and genuine though still a small community there. I think the fact that you can’t ever delete or edit makes everyone think more before posting. I only post on there like once a month when I think my words have real value. Most of the time I think about what I feel like saying in the context of being connected to me forever and decide it’s not important.

@RobotTaco the problem I have with any small group of decentralized voices is that they may have inaccurate takes on things and will reach minority consensus. The problem with large consensus is that they may agree on inaccurate things as well, and drown out any dissent. I need some data from each dataset, or I need to disengage entirely. Both seem equally appealing.

@admin yeah, no perfect system for information. I think the big crowds tend to have low attention so they never dig into high resolution on any topic. They just move on to next thing. No followup or nuance. Like when bitcoin node runners talk to each other they know others will care about this topic long term, check on things and think deeply on it so it’s not effective to say low quality things.

@RobotTaco that seems like an accurate assessment of data in general. Looking forward to my information hub in Danielle and my little cabin on the top of a mountain somewhere.

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