[The Higherside Chats] John Kirwin | The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide & Advice For Persecuted Truthers via @PodcastAddict

@admin most people are not wired to step into the unknown. I don’t think it’s necessary to have more than 10% wake up anyway. Probably only 5% is what we need to win. A focus on actionable long term tools of individual sovereignty. We have to navigate complexity, and controlled opposition. Spending time on historic curiosities seems trivial compared to focusing on building incorruptible tools for the future.

@RobotTaco I disagree, because we're always building the future and forgetting the past.

@admin but what are the tools we could use in the present and future to document the past and iterate error correction with a reliable reference to the past? It’s just bitcoin and nostr. Maybe other open source softwares. Basic self sufficiency skills too. But what’s the point of politicking or publishing an article on a theory about some specific area of corruption? That can just be removed later by the corruption.

@RobotTaco that is true. I think the point is to build purposeful morality so that there doesn't need to be an external tool for verification.

@admin I think that’s a good mission but again I think it’s wasted effort on most peipoe, those people will follow the reminant once we organize anyway. I suppose my mind is more on the super long term and I consider the 4th turning. Thinking once we achieve a purposeful modality in humanity that will atrophy over a generation or so, we need long term tools that cannot under any circumstances be bent to the will of weak or ignorant or desperate future generations. Im just here for the memes.

@admin food / farming was the first subject I became open to the idea of a global evil conspiracy rather than the pure bureaucratic horseshit I had observed all my life in all things. Money systems seem to be a linchpin that enable all of these things and enable the obfuscation around it. Markets are like a fungi network that is a super intelligent truth seeking machine that only functions with its proper lubricant that is something with money properties. For me that’s fixes most things.

@RobotTaco Oh yes I remember it. I've also been thinking a lot about building tools to ward against corruption, and even though they can't last, they probably will last longer than morals.

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