This is cool if for no other reason than it uses the AI to make the case from massive dry documents.

I subscribed to 1440. I'm not sure I buy their presentation but I figured I should give it a try. Fairly positive so far but it might be a trap. I'm beginning to mistrust anything that's abstracted from my physical senses, and that's a trap in and of itself.

Another covid Graph. This is the covid deaths per 1 million people v. The number of vaccine doses per 100 people. So a score of 400 basically means that if everyone got equal doses, each person would get 4 apiece. The countries are size coded to represent the Log2 of the population, because china and India are 100 times the size of the median population. They're color coded to their continent. Africa in red is hard to read.

Source data at:

The Internet is dead, only person to person interactions remain real.

[The Higherside Chats] John Kirwin | The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide & Advice For Persecuted Truthers via @PodcastAddict

@RobotTaco this is an interesting OS option i

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